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KISS members Paul Stanley (guitar, vocals) and Tommy Thayer (guitar), along with producer Greg Collins, have released a one-minute video message from Collins‘ studio, The Nook, where they are putting the finishing touches on the band’s new CD, “Monster”.

“[KISS is] about two days from [being] finished with this album,” says Stanley. “It’s almost done and it’s awesome. It is by far the best thing we’ve done in I don’t know how long. Have I ever said that before? Yeah. Was I right? Yeah. I’m right this time again. . . Truly, the album kicks major ass and we’re very, very proud of it.” Thayer adds, “You’re gonna as as excited as we are, ’cause we’re really excited. And we’re not just saying that. This is great stuff. It’s amazing.”

In a 2011 interview with U.K.’s Classic Rock magazine, Stanley stated about KISS‘ follow-up to 2009’s “Sonic Boom”, “‘Sonic Boom’ was a pivotal album in the sense that we were aware of who we were as a performing band, but we had to re-establish who we are as a recording band. That being done, this is much easier and that much more self-assured.”

Added bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons: “This new record feels heavier than ‘Sonic Boom’. It feels like [it’s] a connection between ‘Destroyer’ and ‘Revenge’.

Regarding some of the tracks that will appear on “Monster”, Stanley said, “I’d be surprised if the album didn’t start with ‘Hell Or Hallelujah’. It’s up-tempo, a great riff, definitive KISS. There’s a track called ‘Born To Be A Sinner’, and Tommy [Thayer, guitar] has a song called ‘Out Of This World’, which is terrific. They’re anthemic songs. That’s the nature of how we write. There are no ballads.”

Added Simmons: “‘Are You Ready?’ is a new track that I worked out, wrote, and brought everyone into the studio and said: ‘Let’s bang this out.’ Another of the new songs, tentatively titled ‘Wall Of Sound’, we just came up with on the spot. The guts of that song were written in 40 minutes.”

In a 2009 interview with Premier Guitar, Collins stated about the experience of working with KISS on “Sonic Boom”, “It was amazing, because I was working with people that I idolized as a kid. Over the years I’ve learned that the dynamic in every band is different, and sometimes it can be tough, with politics, egos and however many years of baggage. I couldn’t believe how incredibly healthy the creative relationship is with KISS. Paul was clearly in charge of the record, but he was open to everyone’s ideas. Everything was discussed in an enjoyable, fun way. There was no sense of egos overwhelming the process or anyone being marginalized in any way. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences I ever had working with a band. . . . Paul has said that no other lineup could have made this record and I believe he’s right. Everyone in KISS is confident about their role in the band. They’re not trying to please anyone but themselves, which is the best way to make music. There was no sense of anxiety, no label, no A&R guy. It was just the band and myself, trying to make the best KISS record we could. It was a completely natural process, and hopefully the results speak for themselves.”

“Monster” is tentatively due this spring.

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