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Reactivated legendary 1980s Finnish/Swedish heavy metal band OZ will release its new album, “Burning Leather”, on November 18 via AFM Records.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Dominator
02. Searchlights
03. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
04. Fire In The Brain
05. Seasons In The Darkness
06. Turn The Cross Upside Down
07. Burning Leather
08. Gambler
09. Enter Stadium
10. Total Metal
11. Third Warning

OZ‘s “Dominator” video can be viewed below. The song was recorded at Park studio in Stockholm, Sweden with producer Nicke Andersson (a
former member of ENTOMBED and HELLACOPTERS). The clip was directed by Amir Chamdin, a member of the Swedish hip hop band INFINITE MASS who has previously directed videos for THE CARDIGANS and HELLACOPTERS, among others.

OZ‘s current lineup includes the classic trio of Ape De Martini (real name: Tapani Hämäläinen), Jay C. Blade (real name: Jukka Lewis) and Mark Ruffneck (real name: Pekka Mark).

OZ is best known in the metal underground for its 1983 “Fire In The Brain” album and the classic “Turn The Cross Upside Down” single (a song that was subsequently covered by the band STORMWARRIOR). It has also come to light that BATHORY mastermind Quorthon was responsible for designing the cover art for both “Fire In The Brain” and “Turn The Cross Upside Down”.

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