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Mikko Laine, the guitarist of the Finnish metal band SOLE REMEDY, was killed in a traffic accident last night (October 2) in the Dutch municipality of Baarlo — just hours after the band’s performance at the ProgPower Europe festival. According to a spokesperson for the Sjiwa youth center (where the concert took place), the accident occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. when Laine, who was sleeping next to a fence, was run over by a truck, which was loaded with the backline, instruments and other equipment, as the driver drove backwards and turned onto the road. The 50-year-old driver, a local man, didn’t see the Finn, who died at the site.

Note: The Dutch media erroneously reported that it was the band’s drummer, Henry Silmonen, who was killed in the accident.

Formed in 1998, SOLE REMEDY‘s sophomore album, “Apoptosis”, was released in September 2010 via Aftermath Music. The CD was described in a press release as the band’s “most ambitious and diverse piece of music to this day. There are moments of pure metal, pop and even an acoustic ballad. Alternative-progressive metal without losing the catchiness.”

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