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In honor of the mighty Freddie Mercury I have been listening to a lot of QUEEN this week. Tonight it has been the jaw dropping QUEEN “LIVE KILLERS.”

I have been listening to this album and owned it since it was released in late 1979 and now own the remastered compact disc version that is just stunning. This performance has QUEEN at the top of their game and the top of the rock world. No one has ever been able to touch their virtuosity nor their versatility. The sheer power  Freddie, Brian, John, and Roger have on display here is hard to believe any band is capable of. But you can hear the rawness of the performance here too. Live and glorious!

For anyone who was lucky enough to see QUEEN during this tour it has to be their favorite concert still, some 32 years later. I can’t imagine anything ever surpassing seeing this performance live. You can hear the crowd with the band on every lyric and what seems every beat and note. At times it sounds like the crowd is part of the band and the band is part of the crowd.

If you have never experienced this double disc of dynamite you haven’t experienced Hard Rock in all it’s glory and majesty. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Oh, sure, you’ve heard plenty of QUEEN on the FM dial over the decades but none of it sounds as good as it does here.

Proof positive of any bands greatness is whether or not they can pull off their greatest songs live. Not only does QUEEN do so here, every song is better here than on the studio versions. How many artists can say that? I’d say few and far between.

“Brighton Rock,” will just plain blow your mind.

Do your soul a BIG favor and make QUEEN “LIVE KILLERS,” part of your essentials collection and listen to it as often as you can with the best pair of headphones you can get your hands on.

Thank you Mr. Mercury.

Thank you Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor. You’ve added great joy to my life for over 35 years now. May all of  your great music live forever!

Here is “Now I’m Here,” so you can begin blowing your mind NOW! QUEEN Now I’m Here (LIVE KILLERS)

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