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Transcend Music has announced the signing of SIX HOUR SUNDOWN.

Slipping quietly onto this year’s Sonisphere lineup, SIX HOUR SUNDOWN managed to stand up against the demanding festival masses, giving a blinding performance. As well as impressing the crowd, it’s no secret that they raised a few brows of the ever-watchful eyes of the industry.

“They seemed to come out of nowhere: a polished performance, dynamic material and a likeability that pulled crowds as if from thin air,” said Rob Ferguson, who has just signed SIX HOUR SUNDOWN to Transcend Music for worldwide representation.

SIX HOUR SUNDOWN undoubtedly blur the boundaries of musical genres with edgy modern rock riffs, driven by a solid rhythm section and topped off by a contemporary melody lines, delivered by a vocalist who puts her heart on the line with every performance.

Fronting the band is none other than rock siren Lauren Harris — daughter of legendary IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris — who appears to have found her feet with Tom Gentry (guitar), Mitch Witham (bass) and Olly Smith (drums).

“Having watched Lauren develop as an artist, and front person, it’s great now to take it to the next level with a band. She’s laid the foundations now, so there are certainly exciting times ahead for the band,” Rob continued

There is no doubt that Harris has found her feet with this new “era”: born simply from a desire of like-minded friends (and experienced musicians) to get back to the heart of why they wanted to make music in the first place.

“Signing to Transcend is really exciting for us and has reaffirmed all we have worked hard to achieve,” said Lauren. “They are totally on the same wavelength with our vision for the band …being part of a band is where I feel totally at home. It’s where I’ve needed to be mentally and creatively. I think people are going to be surprised at what they hear.”

Taking influence from bands such as the FOO FIGHTERS, 30 SECONDS TO MARS and VELVET REVOLVER, SIX HOUR SUNDOWN is very much a band that lives for the stage.





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