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In the year 2003, Anthrax, one of the most recognized hard rock bands and a member of the four quintessential heavy metal bands of the world (the other three being Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer), released the album We’ve Come for you All which sports a cool cover by Alex Ross. On the cover you can see the members of the band as sort of aliens, coming to save us. The color palette is very nice and the band members likenesses are dead on, although a couple of them look a bit stiff and wax-sculpture like.

On September 13, 2011 Anthrax will release their first studio album since 2003’s We’ve Come for you All and luckily they’ve had the great fortune of having yet another cover by Alex Ross, wow, two in a row, Alex must really dig these guys! Also, to promote their first single Fight’em ’til You Can’tAlex did another rendition of the band fighting zombie-versions of themselves. In Both monster-filled covers Alex does an homage to Bernie Wrightson, don’t you think?

Music of Mass Destruction is the name of this live album CD/DVD combo (left) of Anthrax’s concert at The Metro in Chicago, Alex Ross’ town. Fans of this Heavy Metal band were very happy with this release which, in 2004, was the first live DVD released by the band, there were only VHS concerts before this. The art is really cool, there’s this horned, Captain America-looking “superhero” trashing (no pun intended) the name of this DVD.
The poster on the right was sold at Anthrax concerts during one of their tours across the U.S. This image was also used for t-shirts which are easier to find than the posters. What strikes me as odd is the use of Judge Dredd for this promo. Not that I’m complaining because he looks really badass on this image holding Judge Death’s head in his hand. Not like Stallone at all!


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