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The brand new album from SIXX A.M. is simply stunning. A true work of art in a world gone ugly.

The lyrics are one big welcoming embrace to all of the outsiders, the marginalized, the screwed and one big FUCK YOU to the establishment. I Fucking love this album.

From the opening track “This Is Gonna Hurt,” to the closing “Skin,” this album speaks.

It speaks to those who’ve felt slighted and somehow missed the boat. Those who have been forced to hide in the dark. And it says it’s gonna be okay, even if it is gonna hurt. Hurt like hell.

James Michael’s singing is emotive and powerful. His drum work is spot on and his keyboard works is strong, adding a layer of feeling that just fits.

DJ Ashba, who is also guitarist for the current incarnation of Guns N Roses and played on the ill fated and ill timed Chinese Democracy does some downright damned good work here.

Elder metal statesman Nikki Sixx dispels some serious demons here with inspired and deeply personal lyrics and of course his bass work will blow your freakin’ head off.

This disc is squarely in my Top 10 albums of 2011 along with Seether’s Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray. The rest I’ll save for the end of 2011. Especially with massive releases from Anthrax and Megadeth still to come this year.

I just can’t get enough of This Is Gonna Hurt. I think you’ll feel the same.





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