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It’s Dream Theater all right. Sounds like ’em still, looks like ’em still, except the new drummer of course. Some guy named Mangini? Oh yeah, Mike Mangini, sorry dude!

I like the new tune just about as much as I’ve liked Dream Theater in the past. Good band, great musicians, progressive and hard rockin’ with thoughtful intelligent lyrics but truth be told I’ve never spent one cent on any thing they’ve ever done. I guess that says it for me. I believe you put your money where your heart is and although these guys are great and I can hear that they’ve never inspired me to spend my hard earned dough and this song isn’t likely to do so either.

I know I’m being a little tough but I promise it’s all in the vein of keeping things real on this site and that means EVERYTHING to me. You are going to get my cold honest opinion. If it blows my mind and inspires me to want to hear more….this is what you’ll see:

Normally this style of vocalizing is not my cup of tea but HOLY FUCKIN’ SHIT is this song kickin some serious ass! The playing is FUCKING BRILLIANT!

I have never used the F word in a post before so that should tell ya’ how I feel about this. Now I have got to hear the entire album. I’ve read some pretty stellar reviews already and that’s what made me look for the song and video.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I’m listening to it over and over and over as I write….just can’t get enough.


If it doesn’t inspire me then you’ll get just what you just got. The from the heart and soul truth. So, as big a news as the Dream Theater soap opera has been over the past year, it just hasn’t translated yet into making me a Dream Theater devotee. I have friends that are and God Bless ‘Em for being passionate about their band because that is another thing this site is all about: Having a LOVE for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Music!

Now I was as excited to hear the new tune as anyone but I’ve listened to it three times now and I am still not moved to buy the new album when it comes out.

I’ll be spending my dockets on some new realese from these guys from NYC that comes out the same day….oh who the hell was that….oh yeah…ANTHRAX. If you wanna’ be excited about a new song listen to this:


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