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Fan-filmed video footage of KYUSS LIVES!, the project featuring three-quarters of KYUSS — the influential American stoner rock/metal band, originally from Palm Desert, California — performing on Wednesday, March 23 at Live Club Trezzo in Milano,
Italy can be viewed below.
Photos of the sold-out concert are available on the news blog Musica Metal. The band’s setlist for the show was as follows:
01. Gardenia
02. Hurricane
03. Thumb
04. One Inch Man
05. Conan Troutman
06. Odyssey
07. Freedom Run
08. Allen’s Wrench
09. Asteroid
10. Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop
11. Fatso Forgotso
12. Whitewater
13. El Rodeo
14. 100°
15. Molten Universe
16. Spaceship Landing
17. Tangy Zizzle
18. Green Machine
KYUSS LIVES! recently revealed that it will record a new studio album following the band’s current tour. The group features bassist Nick Oliveri, drummer Brant Bjork and singer John Garcia along with guitarist Bruno Fevery, who most recently played with Garcia in the GARCIA PLAYS KYUSS project.
In an interview with UGO, Oliveri was asked how the idea for KYUSS LIVES! came about. “MONDO GENERATOR was on tour — we went to Europe and did a festival in France called Hellfest, and John Garcia and the guitar player, Bruno
, were playing a version of KYUSS called GARCIA PLAYS KYUSS, and he was going out,” he replied. “He hadn’t toured for a bit and wanted to go out and do some KYUSS stuff. They were headlining one of the side stages, and Brant Bjork‘s band was playing, and MONDO GENERATOR was playing on the same day. John asked us to come up and play some songs with him, so me and Brant up and did it, and it felt really great. It was great to play those old tunes — we hadn’t thought about them for a long time. I think Brant being the first drummer that I ever interacted with as a musician — I played in their bedrooms playing these songs — kind of just felt normal and natural. I got a call from him when I came home, saying, ‘Hey man, do you want to do some more shows?’ And I said, ‘Yeah man, that sounds cool. Let’s do it.’ So that’s how it started — John was doing it and it was getting good response from people that never got a chance to see any version of KYUSS at all. We didn’t realize there were so many people that wanted to see it, so it’s been a pleasant surprise and it’s been a lot of fun.”
Regarding why KYUSS guitarist and founding member Josh Homme is not involved in the reunion, Garcia told Rock Sound, “I have nothing bad to say about Josh — he’s extremely intelligent, very smart, a great guitar player, great songwriter, a great vocalist — he is a bad-ass, there is no question, and I love him dearly but he is busy with his own thing. He has THEM
, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, he’s a father, a businessman and even if we asked him to do it, I don’t think he’d say yes, so I don’t want to set myself up for a big fat no which is 99.9 percent what he would say.”
KYUSS, the inventors of Desert Rock, have been in the last ten years much more popular than when they were still around in the early Nineties. So, due to massive public demand over the years to play songs from his old cult band KYUSS, John finally made the decision to give the fans what they want.
The last couple of years John Garcia thought often about reviving his KYUSS legacy on stage. The more he thought about it, the more he really wanted to do this. John commented: “I don’t want to do this just for myself, but especially for the fans. Both for the ones that have seen KYUSS live back in the days, and especially for the ones who haven’t had that chance. This could be as close as they could get to the real thing.”
In October 1995, just three months after releasing what could be argued as their breakthrough album “…And The Circus
Leaves Town”
(thanks to MTV airplay), KYUSS broke up. Their last recording was a 10″ vinyl on the now-defunct label Man’s Ruin Records, which was later re-released on a split CD with Homme‘s QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. The band has been on an indefinite hiatus ever since and has reached a legendary status, influencing thousands of new young rock bands.
Best Buy, which was the exclusive U.S. retailer for GUNS N’ ROSES decade-plus-in-the-making album “Chinese Democracy”, is offering a special deal on copies of the CD. You can now purchase the album via the web site for
just $1.99.
“Chinese Democracy” was a commercial disappointment upon its release in November 2008, selling just 614,000 copies in the U.S. so far, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
The CD was officially certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on February 3, 2009
for shipments in the United States in excess of one million copies.
Best Buy paid $14 million for 1.6 million copies of the album, according to Hits.
Aside from Billboard and Spinner interviews and answering a number of fan questions at a GUNS N’ ROSES message board, singer Axl Rose has done no promotion of any kind for “Chinese Democracy”.
GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal threw cold water on remarks by fellow GUNS axeman D.J. Ashba, who was quoted as saying at a party in Los Angeles late last year that the band was “throwing around a bunch of ideas” for a new album. Thal took to his Facebook page to set the record straight, saying, “We’ve yet to get in a room and write as a band. (I) know D.J. mentioned something about a new album, but don’t want y’all expecting anything soon. Other than old unreleased songs, songs need to be written, jammed, recorded, tweaked, re-worked, re-recorded, mixed, re-mixed, mastered,
re-mastered, art, new art, label approval, a game plan from the label that Axl [Rose, singer] approves . . . not as simple when it’s on such a big scale . . . Just don’t want ya getting frustrated if a GN’R album doesn’t happen quick.”
“Chinese Democracy” came out 15 years after its predecessor, 1993’s “The Spaghetti Incident”. It took more than a decade to record, during which every original member of the band except Rose was replaced and four different producers were used.
Nevertheless, Rose hinted in a 2002 interview that the lengthy sessions for the record had left him with enough material for two follow-ups. Bassist Tommy Stinson, who has been playing in the current GUNS lineup for 12 years, told The Pulse Of Radio that he’s always had confidence in Rose‘s vision. “I had doubts at certain points, and the thing that kept me going every time is that I would talk to Axl about this and that, his ideas about what we’re doing and what we’re gonna do and stuff like that,” he said. “And every time, I just kinda had to stop and go, ‘You know, he really knows exactly what he wants to get.’ How to get there is another issue, but he knows what he wants, how he wants it to be. Every time I had a doubt, I would talk to him
about stuff, and totally be back in it.”
Welsh quartet REVOKER will release its debut album, “Revenge For The Ruthless”, on May 2 via Roadrunner Records.
The CD was completed at Nott-In-Pill and Junkyard studios in Newport with producer Benji Webbe (SKINDRED). A single, “Stay Down”, was made available on February 27.
“Stay Down” captured the attention of the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA), which adopted the song as its official theme tune for 2011. The track made its theme debut at the BAMMA 5 event at Manchester’s M.E.N.
Arena on February 26 — and the band was there to witness it. The video for the tune — which was shot in London on February 24 — stars one of BAMMA‘s top fighters and can be viewed below (courtesy of Kerrang! magazine).
With its fist-pumping refrain and bombastic guitars, “Stay Down” is a veritable brawler, making it a perfect choice for the
partnership. “It’s basically about a weekend where we live,” declares Chris Green, lead guitarist. “We’re the odd ones out in South Wales. We’ve got long hair, love heavy rock music, and don’t play rugby. We’re always having to fight back.”
For more information, visit
“Monsters And Heroes”, a brand new song from the reunited KING KOBRA, is available for download at this location. Proceeds from the track will be donated to Ronnie James Dio‘s Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund.
“It’s an awesome song,” drummer Carmine Appice tells Classic Rock. “The song was originally about growing up and having monsters in your closet, but Paul [Shortino, the band’s new singer’ did a tremendous job of patching in a few of Ronnie’s classic lyrics about wizards, dragons, sacred hearts and rainbows in the dark.
“We went ahead and did this because I was very close to Ronnie until he died and so, of course, was Paul. It felt like a really good thing to do; when we recorded it I could feel my hair stand up on end. Everyone that hears the song loves it.”
Frontiers Records has set an April 15 European release date (May 5 in North America) for the new self-titled comeback album from KING KOBRA.
Along with Carmine, the band featured four relatively unknown musicians at the time — David Michael-Philips and
Mick Sweda on guitar, Johnny Rod on bass and Mark Free on lead vocals. KING KOBRA toured the U.S., Canada,
The year 2010 saw the band reunite the original classic ’85 lineup, replacing original singer Mark Free (now Marcie Free) with veteran lead vocalist Paul Shortino (ROUGH CUTT, QUIET RIOT).
“King Kobra” track listing:
01. Rock This House
02. Turn Up The Good (Times)
03. Live Forever
04. Tear Down The Walls
05. This Is How We Roll
06. Midnight Woman
07. We Got A Fever
08. Tope Of The World
09. You Make It Easy
10. Cryin’ Turns To Rain
11. Screamin’ For More
12. Fade Away
* Paul Shortino – vocals
* David Michael-Philips – Guitar
* Mick Sweda – Guitar
* Johnny Rod – Bass
* Carmine Appice – Drums

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