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The World As We Love It, the new album from the Russian group Pushking, is a unique project, not only for the Russian music scene, but for the rock world as a whole. It is a selection from Pushking’s huge catalog, re-recorded by the band and performed together with invited guests.

With Konstantin Shustarev, guest vocalists include Paul Stanley (KISS), Billy F. Gibbons (ZZ Top), Alice Cooper, Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Eric Martin (Mr.Big), Jeff Scott Soto (Journey), John Lawton (Uriah Heep), Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, Alcatrazz), UDO (Accept), Dan McCafferty (Nazareth) and Jorn Lande (Masterplan).

A number of the world’s highly regarded guitar players contributed as well, including Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa, Nuno Bettencourt, Steve Lukather, Keri Kelli and more!

Battle Hymns MMXI - Battle Hymns 2011

Finally, technology has caught up with Manowar ‘s custom-built touring and recording equipment. The band decided that their fans deserved to hear the songs from their debut album Battle Hymns with the massive sound and production that has become their signature over recent years and records.
Due for release at the end of November 2010, Battle Hymns will soon be available with the unbridled power of today s technology: Battle Hymns 2011.
With the decision to reinterpret the music came the need to revisit the famed narration of the legendary Orson Welles. There was only one obvious choice and that was Sir Christopher Lee. Recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London, his own inspired interpretation of the late, great Orson Welles on ‘Dark Avenger’ will be another jewel in the crown of the Kings Of Metal.
Manowar Bassist and Producer Joey DeMaio stated: ‘My personal admiration for Sir Christopher began many years ago while watching his films. It increased when I was honored to produce him as a singer and as a narrator and we became friends instantly. Immediately after hearing the sheer power and range of his voice I thought I should write a narration; I never imagined we would ever rerecord Battle Hymns – but here we are and it is massive.’
Battle Hymns 2011 will feature two never released before live tracks of ‘Death Tone’ and ‘Fast Taker’ recorded during the band s very first concerts in 1982. These are the rarest bonus materials ever released to date in Manowar’s career.
‘Our fans can be sure that we have squeezed every drop of power into Battle Hymns 2011 that today’s technology allows,’ says vocalist Eric Adams.
Manowar is poised to prove that both the band and the immortal Battle Hymns record are indeed ‘Born To Live Forevermore.’
Battle Hymns 2011- a new chapter in Heavy Metal history

The Covering

Stryper, the world s most celebrated multi-platinum Christian metal band, is back with an evocative take on classic rock songs. After 25 years, The Covering marks Stryper s journey throughout rock history by paying homage to their favorite rock songs with the brilliant style that only Stryper could accomplish.
Stryper’s ‘The Covering’ album features their distinct brand of Christian rock with a twist that never goes out of style. The extraordinary vocals from front man Michael Sweet are not only unsurpassed, but aid in the energy and vibrant flow of the melodical dueling guitars and hard-hitting drums. ‘The Covering’ features songs that have inspired the sound and band, Stryper, as the four original members united to record this cover album. Stand out tracks include the heart-felt tribute to Ronnie James Dio, Black Sabbath’s ‘Heaven and Hell’, and Iron Maiden’s popular ‘The Trooper’. Also included is the guitar driven new original song from Stryper, ‘God’.

1. No Warning Shot
2. Silent Violence
3. Revenge Of The Zombie
4. Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane
5. The Day The Dead Walked
6. Seed Of Filth
7. Shot In the Head
8. Torn To The Bone
9. Suffering In Ecstasy
10. The Enemy Inside
11. The Evil Eye
12. Victim Of The Paranoid
13. Human Target
14. Deathklaat
15. Ghosts Of The Undead
16. Shadow Of The Reaper
17. Beneath A Black Sky


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