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Guitarist/vocalist Dave Meniketti of long-running California rockers Y&T has released the following statement: 

“It is with profound sadness and disbelief that I tell you that my best buddy for 37 years, [Y&T bassist Phil Kennemore], passed away this morning, January 7, 2011 at 1 a.m. at Stanford Hospital. Bravely and steadfastly battling the horrible spectacle of lung cancer, at the end he was surrounded by his family members, and the Y&T family up until his final breath.

“All the beautiful things that I could say about my buddy Phil could never be summed up in a short sentence or two, and I promise that I will be back to say so much more about how I feel about him and his talents in due time. But for now, at 3 a.m., after just having returned home from his passing, let me at least put this out there.

Phil Kennemore was not only a sweet and passionate man with his life, friends and family, but as an artist, he also had that rare ability to say what was on his mind with the most eloquent, clever, and to-the-point lyrics, yet could turn it on its head in a second with some other viewpoint on reality and nail the point dead center. He was able to do what very few can — say the things that others have been thinking, but could never quite seem to put into words. He has always had a keen knack for doing that.

“As a musician, with those huge fingers, his bass playing was always loud, strong, and deep, filling the largest or smallest of stages equally.

“He had an amazingly strong life force that has influenced everyone who ever had the opportunity to be called a friend of his. I am forever grateful for our lifelong friendship, that was always in place throughout the worst and best of times. I will miss his sense of humor, his amazing wit, but most of all I will always miss not seeing him to my left on the stages I will play from this moment forward.

“Yes, he was one of the class guys on this planet, and in this business, and I will always do what I can to spread the legacy of Phil Kennemore across the globe on every stage that I land on.

“You know how much I love you, Phil, and you knew how much your fans and fellow musicians loved and respected you. There was nothing left unsaid. You had a rich and wonderful life and I can only tell you that I was happy to have been alongside you every step of the glorious way.

“Cheers to you, Phil.

“Your friend forever, Dave.”

Phil Kennemore was 57 years old.

Y&T organized a special New Year’s Eve benefit concert for Kennemore at the Avalon in Santa, Clara, California. The event featured guest appearances by members of such acts as QUEENSRŸCHE, TESTAMENT, DOKKEN, KEEL and HEAVEN & HELL.

Y&T‘s first studio album in 13 years, “Facemelter”, was released in Europe on May 21, 2010 via Frontiers Records.AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler — who has spent the last few months preparing for his first season as a judge on “American Idol” — tells that’s he’s anxious to reunite with his bandmates and resume work a new studio album. “I’m trying to rally the guys together,” he says. “We’re having trouble getting Joe [Perry, guitar]. I don’t know where he is, but just come down to L.A. at the end of January sometime. I’ve had enough downtime.”Tyler thinks he and Perry can find common ground. “We just have to get together and put the shit together,” he says. “That’s all. We’re all musicians, and what does that say for itself? We’re like peripheral visionaries. We don’t see what’s in front of us more often than not. We see what’s off to the sides. I just need to get them all together and put it together to be a band that is. That’s all.”

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Below is my favorite Y&T song and it’s classic pure 80’s video.

Bassist Brian Wheat (pictured below) of Californian rockers TESLA has released the following statement:

“It is a very sad day. I’ve just found out that one of my all-time bass heroes, Phil Kennemore [of Y&T] has passed away.

“I always enjoyed him and his sense of humor. And the way he played the bass, even though he always gave me shit for using a pick.

“I am so sad I didn’t get to see him before he went.

“I did have a great long conversation with him when he first got sick.

“I love you, Phil.

“Love is real, my brother bass player.”

The official video for “We Are the Ducks” — the “power ballad” about respecting the power of the University of Oregon football team (Oregon Ducks) which was performed by former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach during the January 5 edition of NBC-TV‘s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” show — made its debut on last night’s “Fallon” episode. You can now watch the clip below.“We Are the Ducks” features references to some of the places and things that make Eugene special — including mentions of the Willamette River, coach Chip Kelly and the team’s much-talked-about spread offense. 

According to KPTV, Fallon said there are Ducks and Auburn Tigers alums who work on his show and that they flipped a coin to see who would receive the power ballad.

“Every school has a fight song, but no school has its own power ballad,” Fallon said.

The Ducks and Tigers meet Monday in the BCS national championship game.

“We Are The Ducks” lyrics

It’s game day in Eugene
And the kick off time is set
As the sun rises over the Willamette
Wearing yellow and green
A quick pit stop for beer
At the Steelhead on Pearl, we cheer
Many rivals have come
To take on the Ducks
It’s them versus us
We are the Ducks from Oregon
We’ll fight to the end
And we’re here to play and we’re playing to win
We are the Ducks
From Oregon
Our boys are prepared
With coach Kelly in charge
And secret “spread offense” on cue cards
Shoulder to shoulder we yell and sing
And lift up our Ducks to victory
We love a good challenge
but take it from us
Don’t f**k with the Ducks
We are the Ducks from Oregon
We’ll fight to the end
And we’re here to play and we’re playing to win
We are the Ducks from Oregon
We’ll fight to the end
And we’re here to play
And we’re playing to win
We are the Ducks

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