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At Donington UKThe late great Ronnie James in two powerful concerts. The first disc was recorded during the tour for his very first album as a solo artist after his parting with Black Sabbath. Ronnie sounds fantastic, the band is tight and the interaction Ronnie has with the crowd proves that even early on his fans were everything to him. Ronnie got it. Ronnie shared it. Ronnie lived it. Long live rock and roll Ronnie. Disc Two is superb. This time at Donington they tear it up in support of Dio’s third album, The Last in Line and is a more enjoyable disc because it’s mostly Dio tunes and less Rainbow/Black Sabbath. The band sounds better and more sure of itself than four years earlier too.  Snag a copy and listen to a legend in the making.

Way ofThis is a record for all of those long standing fans of bands like Pantera that are wondering when the next great metal act might be. Well, wait no longer go out and buy Five Finger Death Punch as you will be banging your head like you used to…

Slash 2CDDVDFantastic box with many new songs recorded during the album sessions. Also live tracks, acoustic versions and great DVD with insides of the Slash album, interviews and live performances. A must buy!

Audio SecrecyCorey Taylor and crew return after 2006’s critically acclaimed Come Whatever May. Audio Secrecy is a solid effort worth picking up if you’re a big Stone Sour fan. 

Live LoveYeah, Kings X is still around and still crankin out their uniquely heavy, yet melodic power trio metal. They put on an impressive showing on this double live disc.

Blood ofWhat I consider the second best metal album of the year. If you’re into metal buy it NOW!

Cowboys FromThe Cowboys from Hell ride again.

The Ultimate Edition.
20th Anniversary of this classic album.

Pantera found its growl and groove on Cowboys from Hell, a landmark album whose bone-powdering intensity, razor-sharp riffing and pummeling rhythmic assault represented a turning point in modern metal when it was released in 1990. More than just Pantera’s major label debut, many consider this album to be the official debut of the Pantera lineup with singer Philip Anselmo, guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott, his brother, drummer Vinnie Paul and bassist Rex Brown.

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Cowboys from Hell, this three-disc ultimate edition includes a newly remastered version of the original album along with unreleased and rare live performances from the Cowboys from Hell tour and a disc of unreleased demos for nearly every album track, plus, ‘The Will To Survive,” a previously unreleased song recorded during album’s sessions.

This ultimate edition is housed in an intricate box including several replica memorabilia pieces from the Cowboys era including:

-‘We’re Takin’ Over This Town’ flyer reproduction (8 1/2′ x 11′)
-‘It’s Up To You/Censorship’ flyer reproduction (8 1/2′ x 11′)
-Arcadio Theatre poster reproduction (11′ x 17′)
-New Years Puke Party T-shirt (XL)
-All Access Tour Pass ’90 Fabric Sticker
-‘Fucking Hostile’ button
-‘Cowboys From Hell’ Texas Guest Laminated Pass
-U.S. Tour ’91 All Access Laminated Pass
-Ticket reproduction, June 14 1991

The disc of live music recorded during the Cowboys tour begins with seven unreleased performances from Pantera’s September 15, 1990 appearance at the Foundations Forum metal convention in California, a show recorded for radio broadcast but never released commercially. The remainder of the disc contains the five-song EP ‘Alive And Hostile,’ a collection of performances recorded in 1991 at the Monsters of Rock festival in Moscow that was previously available only in Australia as part of a 1994 boxed set.

The third disc contains the previously unreleased “The Will To Survive,” along with demos for 10 of the album’s 12 songs, including early versions of the title track, “Psycho Holiday,” “The Art Of Shredding” and ‘Cemetery Gates.”

The album’s expanded liner notes include essays by each of the band’s surviving members, producer Terry Date and more.

For WeAll That Remains returns with For We Are Many, the highly-anticipated fifth studio album from the renowned New England metal band, and the followup to 2008 s 240,000+ selling album, Overcome. Produced by Adam D of Killswitch Engage, who also produced ATR s This Darkened Heart (2004) and The Fall of Ideals (2006), it will continue to build on the band s prior success. After breakout success at Active Rock radio with their debut song at the format Two Weeks (reaching top 5 with over 125,000 spins to date), ATR will service their new single Hold On to radio in September to satiate their rabid fanbase one that they ve build through years of touring including every major rock festival (Mayhem, Warped, Ozzfest) and with nearly every band (Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Bullet for My Valentine) in the hard-rock world.

Darkly Darkly

Grammy-nominated Cradle of Filth have been pioneers of extreme music since their debut in 1994. Never shy to embrace the epic, they have constantly sought to push the boundaries of their art. Unafraid of ruffling a few feathers, the band have continually refused to bow to convention or to conform to prevalent trends and fads. Yet despite this uncompromising stance, the band are still the most successful British heavy metal band since Iron Maiden, with legions of fans around the globe!

Cradle of Filth continue to shock, excite, disgust and inspire in equal measures. Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, the latest chapter of the band’s dark history, is their ninth studio album and one of their fastest and most brutal yet. As an acquaintance of the band so aptly noted, this is like “Iron Maiden on crack in a graveyard of angels!”.

A ThousandWe were not making an album.

For months, we’d been destroying and rebuilding our band. The experiments that resulted filled the studio hard drive with diverse, abstract sounds. Amorphous echoes, cacophonous samples, and handmade staccato merged into wandering, elusive melody. Each track felt like a hallucination.

We didn’t know if any of those unorthodox ideas could be incorporated into a traditional album, but we knew we didn’t want our next album to be predictable. Sitting together in the same studio where we made our first album, all six of us voiced a commitment to going out on a limb, to making something truly daring. We asked ourselves: were we all earnestly willing, more than ever before, to abandon the precepts of commercial ambition in pursuit of what we believe to be honest art?

The inclination to begin writing conventional songs for a conventional album came and went. The temptation to adjust our creative vision to fulfill expectations beyond our studio walls yielded to the audacious ambition of what we hoped to achieve as a band. The two years of making ‘A Thousand Suns’ marked our exhilarating, surrealistic, and often challenging journey into the creative unknown.

On the eve of its completion, this body of work, assembled through unconscious inspiration and unmitigated exertion, has revealed to us notions both stirring and surprising. The album’s personified imagery is neither dogma nor political premeditation. The emergent themes and metaphors illuminate a uniquely human story.

‘A Thousand Suns’ grapples with the personal cycle of pride, destruction, and regret. In life, like in dreams, this sequence is not always linear. And, sometimes, true remorse penetrates the devastating cycle. The hope, of course, springs from the notion that the possibility of change is born in our most harrowing moments.

Enjoy the music.

Linkin Park


2010 release, the highly anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed Perpetual Flame. This marks Yngwie’s first studio album in over two years of entirely newly composed never before heard songs created by the virtuoso himself. Inspired by the spirit of celebrated composer/musician Niccol Paganini, Yngwie reaches new heights on this ground-breaking album. Relentless contains over 60 minutes of incredibly complex arrangements sure to amaze the listeners. The album was produced by Yngwie himself, and mixed by Keith Rose. Features ex-Judas Priest and Iced Earth singer Tim “Ripper” Owens.


Made of2010 solo album from the legendary Metal God and Judas Priest vocalist. Made Of Metal is the first proper Halford studio release since 2002’s Crucible.

Bloody PitAfter a triumphant European tour that includede appearances at the With Full Force and Dour Festivals, Antarctic rock gods GWAR have returned to their ice-bound fortress, to drink blood and begin work on their newest and most gut-crushing album yet. That s right, right now, at the sorta halfway point of GWAR s special two-year long 25th Anniversary Slay-a-Bration, Slave Pit Inc. and Metal Blade Records are proud to announce the title of GWAR’s new album.

Our new album is called Bloody Pit of Horror, said ODERUS URUNGUS, front-thing and leading female impersonator. We are fully aware that there is a movie of the same title, I assure you it has nothing to do with it, save the title, which we stole from them. But you see, we’re calling it GWAR’s Bloody Pit of Horror , and that’s a little different, so hopefully we won’t get sued!

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