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Category: heavy metal music


Asphalt Ballet is one of my favorite bands from the early 90’s. Bluesy, guttery soulful vocals, crunchy, thick riffs and a deep groove personifies the sound on their debut album […]

20 Essential Metal Albums

I believe great music is meant to be shared over and over and over again. So, one of the great joys in my life is to share the music I […]

Megadeth- The Right to Go Insane Video Very cool video from Dave and crew. The latest and greatest from their most recent release, 2009’s Endgame. Megadeth’s best album┬ásince Cryptic Writings.

Ratt – Eat Me Up Alive Video Hard hitting, heavy return to form for Ratt. The best release from these down and dirty rockers since Invasion of Your Privacy. Been a loooong time comin’ boys…Congrats on […]